IRC #bitember
Minor fork
posted 03/21/2014 19:58:19

A minor fork occurred and some coins were lost. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Everything is running fine now. Keep mining!

username is no longer supported
posted 03/03/2014 21:42:08

Security Notice: You must use your account e-mail address to login now, username is no longer supported

We updated our wallet to v8.6.2
posted 02/15/2014 06:58:24

And you should update too. For more info:

New server
posted 02/01/2014 03:16:18

We are now running on a brand new server.

Enjoy :)

posted 01/20/2014 13:15:29

We are now running the latest client. Thanks for your patience.

Updating wallet client
posted 01/20/2014 12:23:53

We are upgrading the wallet to the latest version. Should be quick and painless!

Rewards for the block finders!
posted 01/19/2014 11:33:41

"Today we will be launching a mining promotion. On both the pool and bitember's pool (and possibly minar), we will be implementing a 1pxl reward to each block finder. The pool software (MPOS) will pay this automatically so you don't have to do anything special - just mine.

We will be doing this for 1,000 blocks and maybe more if it goes well.

We will implement this first on bitember's pool. I will not announce exactly when we start (it will be in the next few hours) but will announce after a good chunk of blocks bonuses have been paid.

So start mining now to be sure you are eligible once the reward kicks in!

And just to be transparent - we are using proceeds from the sales of pixel space on This is the first time any PXL coins have been "spent" in any way and we are recycling them back to our miners.

Also I know this favors miners with higher hashrates. I will be starting another thread announcing the promotion and if you post your username on either pool there and a PXL address, we will randomly be sending miners some coin who we see mining during the promotion.

Happy Mining!"

the plxcoin dev

posted 01/17/2014 16:13:15

We have successfully completed the upgrade. We are now running Stratum Vardiff.

Updating stratum, expect 30 seconds downtime
posted 01/17/2014 16:01:35

We are updating Stratums to Vardiff. Should be fast and easy.